"am i doing enough?
am i doing enough?
am i doing enough?
am i doing enough?
am i doing enough?
am i doing enough?
am i doing enough?
am i doing enough?
am i doing enough?”

- my brain, almost every waking moment of the day.

other thoughts:

"please stop eating."
“it’s not your time yet…but it will be.”
“should i pee before i leave? i should pee before i leave.”
“…you’re doing fine.”

life goals.

life goals.

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I don’t want to wait until Thursday. Two shots from Shalewa’s going-away party, April, 2013.

from my tumblr post dated 04.08.2013:

at some point, B. gathered everyone into the living room. she announced that since we were all there because of me, everyone should take a turn saying a favorite memory of me. in case you’re wondering, that would normally be a fool-proof recipe for disaster. instead it turned into the sweetest moment of my life. i doubt myself a lot. A LOT. but the amount of support that was voiced by everyone in that room was beautiful and life-affirming and overwhelming. i can not - and will not - doubt the love (yeah, i said it) that my comedy comrades have shown me. i can not - and will not - deny them the love i feel for them, all of them: the ATLiens i spend most of my life with and my homies in LA, the Chi, NYC and points beyond.

here are a couple of pictures of me not knowing what to do with my emotions. i miss all of these nincompoops so much.


The Classic Spike Dolly

i LIVE for the spike lee shot.


looking up all of the versions of tune-yard’s powa is kind of my jam. this one is extraordinary.

also, notice how careful and precise nate’s playing is. he’s holding it down AND supplying counterpoint melody. there’s a reason for every note.


Hi TUNE-YARDS friends,

Another short note today, because we happily present the first song from the new album, Nikki Nack.

It’s called “Water Fountain.”

If you dig it like we do, you can preorder the album, here:

tUnE-yArDs Store




Also check to see if we’re playing near you soon.  We’re rehearsing hard, for you!

Thank you so much for being out there.  


Merrill / tUnE-yArDs


meet tillikum. today she came into my room and gave it a pretty thorough once-over. then she let me take a picture. we’re taking it slow.

back in the day when i had money to eat thai food, i was enjoying some pad see ew. the restaurant’s soundtrack was seemingly a best of jennifer lopez cd or playlist or something. i enjoyed it more than i thought i would, which is not surprising because i enjoy jennifer lopez more than i should.

she’s someone we (“we”) kind of decided is the worst, right? what was it, guys? why did we think that and how did she get so popular when we clearly hated her?

i kind of love her and i’m not sure why.

no, i know why. she was a fly girl. and Out Of Sight is one of my all time favorite movies. the pass i gave her after that film (“we” gave her, really, c’mon now) lasted far longer than it should have.

yes, i’ve partaken in some j.lo shit talk, but i also loved it when she and ben affleck were together. (ben affleck: another person “we” decided to hate but i fucking love.) i love watching her dance (i prefer it to her singing, honestly). i love how she keeps singing about how she’s a simple girl from the bronx. i don’t know what’s going on her life that she has to keep reiterating the point, but i have a feeling that she might be from the bronx but she has NEVER been that simple girl.

anyhoo! new video from la lopez. the beginning, where we’re introduced to her peanut gallery, is like watching her id and super ego chilling on a couch. they try their hand at social commentary - LET’S OBJECTIFY THE MEN FOR A CHANGE!! - and there’s plenty of male eye candy, but don’t get it twisted. you’re there for jenny. and in case you forgot why you’re there, she reminds you by wearing a modified version of that green dress. you know the one. this time, it’s a jumpsuit. a nice respectable jumpsuit cut down to there and paired with strappy sandals and dripping with gold necklaces and filled out with a 44 year old, post-twin baby having ass. i think i prefer it to the dress, actually. this whole video is here to remind you that j.lo is still foine and was basically put on earth to wear gold tone aviator sunglasses. it is always 2002 in jennifer lopez-land. the only concessions to the now are the two backup dancers/disney sidekicks, a few of the dance moves (NOT ENOUGH DANCING, BTW) and some shitty bars from french montana (WE GET IT, YOU’RE REALLY FROM THE BRONX).

i’m not even sure if the song is any good - the warmth provided by the bass was not obvious through laptop speakers. i had to turn to headphones. it seems light and bright enough, and that i luh ya papi hook will probably be chanted on many street corners as soon as the weather improves. this won’t bring her back to early aughts j.lo but it’s certainly not an embarrassment.

side note: i just realized that one of her sidekicks was a backup dancer for beyonce for years. i enjoyed watching her and noticed that she wasn’t in any of the new bey stuff. but here she is, with lines and everything. is it weird that i noticed? don’t answer that.