i swear if the dude on roller skates in underoos ever slid past me, i would freak out like he was 1984 era duran duran & straight chase him down the street. i am the teeniest bit obsessed with him right now. look at how he pushes off for that exit! he makes me love the internet.

today is my 5 year comedy anniversary. i’m celebrating by sitting in bed and eating all of the food that’s supposed to last me for two weeks.

five years. that’s crazy. did i see this continuing for five years? yes and no. no, because i’d never been a person who planned for anything. i treat comedy as one gig at a time. i have no idea what to expect from it. but yes, because my love for it made me - i dare say forced me to alter my life. i stepped outside of my comfort zone. i set goals and worked my ass off to achieve them. i moved from Security Lane in atlanta to Unsure Valley in brooklyn.

09/07/09 fell on labor day; i did my first comedy set at the star bar that night. though today is the actual day, i celebrated on this labor day by closing out the star bar and closing out my favorite place in athens, flicker bar, the following night. so many things have changed for me, but my love for performing comedy is still strong. i hope i’m able to ride it until the wheels fall off.

[photo courtesy of paige bowman. top: flicker bar, athens, ga, 09/02/14. bottom: star bar, atlanta, ga, 09/01/14.]

if my spirit animal had a signature scent…

[spotted at a duane reade drugstore in the financial district, on the most final clearance imaginable. i mean, when was this last manufactured? 1994? by now this must smell like vinegar and the housing crisis.]







"Anaconda" - Nicki Minaj 

Choreography by: Jeffrey Caluag & Dimitri Mendez

They went in

This gave me eternal life.

lol they go in at :38 though

that lone YAAAAAAASSSSS was probably me screaming from my bedroom watching this on tumblr.

those moves are ridiculously crisp.


From the valley of the missing
High lonesome
Bragging party just beginning 
Mythic, mythic, mythic men

oooooh. aaaaah.

tonight rob delaney is performing in athens, ga. i kinda prefer the first time he rolled through that town, back in 2012. #tbt

y’know how if you give a couple of minutes, i’ll mention how i married a vibrator on my 30th birthday?

this morning’s alarm clock.

happy birthday, mike.