How Do I Get There? is a monthly talk show hosted by comedian Shalewa Sharpe. Here is one of the conversations.

Mike Kaiser is my comedy husband. We started together in Atlanta. He moved to New York and I followed him a year later. He just moved to Brazil with his actual wife. Not sure I can follow him there. Legit one of the funniest people I know.

i just dumped a whole bunch of stuff on the tumblr for my show, including three interviews from the june one. on that one, i had to say goodbye to my comedy husband, my comrade, my fellow bottle of joke-a-cola, mike kaiser. if you’ve been remotely following my spot, you know i think the world of mike. he is a kind, extremely supportive friend. he’s a big reason why i moved to new york. i went to his going away gathering and could barely hold back tears. i love this guy and i know he and his wonderful wife luiza are going to have a fantastic time in brazil, but man. i’m gonna miss him.

also, if you guys could do me a solid and follow the blog for this show, i’d appreciate it. this is my teeny tiny foothold in the NYC comedy scene and i need to nurture it. it’s my baby. thanks!

today is my buddy SoSure’s birthday. i think he’s the greatest.

double shot of my baby’s* love!

(*my baby = Millie and Sarah)

1) i have a loud, generous, heartfelt laugh and i love to use it.

2) i’m a big fan of my handwriting. my all caps game is pretty tight.

3) i have a nice set of gams.

4) i’m supportive of my friends. as long as your dreams aren’t to murder or hurt, i got you.

5) if you ever need a good hug, i’m your gal.


James Blake & Frank Ocean hanging out at Bonnaroo. 

quit playin’.

if you look to the side you can see my stress dreads. those are the ones that started to grow when i moved to new york. i believe they carry all of the worries and concerns that i have let plague me for the past 13 months.

who wants to shave them off for me?

somebody went through a divorce.

tillikum chillin’ in front of my bedroom door. we’re getting closer, people!

am i here for this? i dunno, i think i may be here for this.

yuk-yuks at beauty bar tonight.