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watching annie “st. vincent” clark sing nirvana’s lithium just made me burst into tears, much like the way i would burst into tears when i played lithium over and over for hours way back when. i don’t talk about how much i loved nirvana because duh, who didn’t, how could you not, with all of those excellent songs, but man. i loved nirvana.

i found out about kurt’s suicide from a coworker at the customer service call center job i had. i was upset, but mostly numb - there has been another suicide scare a few months prior. plus i was still reeling from the death of river phoenix. when i got home, my mother called out to me, “shalé! that guy you like is dead.” later that night - into the early morning - my father stayed up with me and watched mtv news and nirvana’s unplugged episode and other vaguely related videos. my parents never really tried to keep up with my musical tastes once they let me develop them - my moms in particular wrote off everything i liked as them no-singing white boys - so for them to acknowledge this turning point was super sweet and stands out in my mind.

anyhoo, i had been kind of avoiding the recent nirvana chatter (lately i’ve grown weary of reading about rawk music from a white guy “i was misunderstood in high school!” point of few, which means i’m behind in my homemade music studies program, ha) but i figured i’d click on this video. i feel strongly about st. vincent like i felt strongly about nirvana and to see two parts of my life, 20 years apart, collide like this - well it blew my mind a little bit. straight up visceral reaction.

side note: halfway through soundgarden’s black hole sun, my father said, “hmm. these chord changes. this sound like stevie a little bit.” so your homework assignment is to imagine stevie wonder singing black hole sun.

Stephen Colbert and Elvis Costello harmonizing together.

Back in November 2009, Elvis Costello guested on The Colbert Report to promote his new talk-show “Spectacle” in the Sundance Channel. He had a “cold in his throat” at that time and could only speak in a low voice. He explained to Stephen that he lost his voice “….by screaming at speed skating.”

It was a lively interview and they ended with a song. But this time, the guest did not sing because he had no voice. He played the guitar instead and let Stephen sang his song to the delight of the audience. Before signing off, Stephen asked Costello if he would come back when he’s feeling better and sing a duet with him. Costello said yes.

So, a year later, they did just as they promised. They sang a two-man rendition of “All I Have To Do Is Dream” by the Everly Brothers that was absolutely delightful. i have a lot of opinions and half-cocked theories and emotions about stephen colbert being named as david letterman’s replacement, and i’ll probably have something to say later, but ultimately, i’m thrilled for him. here’s one of my favorite colbert moments. this is the colbert network television america will be getting - the very sweet husband and father with the wickedly dark sense of humor.

in the running to be my backup mission statement.

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naked juice instead of cookies. i don’t even know this person anymore.

sweet jeebus.

this is not what i was expecting, and even though i could see the ending from miles away it still scared the crap out of me.

josh homme + cufflinks = i’ll be in my bunk.

i’m trying to make friends but it’s tough when this is your default attitude/mission statement.

how do I get there #3! a meeting of the minds between me and rae sanni! #regram from @emflemily


"am i doing enough?
am i doing enough?
am i doing enough?
am i doing enough?
am i doing enough?
am i doing enough?
am i doing enough?
am i doing enough?
am i doing enough?”

- my brain, almost every waking moment of the day.

other thoughts:

"please stop eating."
“it’s not your time yet…but it will be.”
“should i pee before i leave? i should pee before i leave.”
“…you’re doing fine.”

life goals.

life goals.

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