will someone please think of the black children?

i get it, guys. red tails. i need to see it - the fate of black cinema rests on me going to see a movie about a subject i have no interest in. [That doesn’t matter. Go see it. - Blackness Barometer Ed.]

i’m not hating to be hating. when george lucas went on the daily show and bluntly stated that all of the hollywood studios turned him down because they didn’t know what to do with a black movie, i admired his moxie. i wasn’t surprised by the news, since i’m a black person who follows pop culture, but i liked that lucas was fired up about it.

that said, i didn’t necessarily agree with the whole “if you don’t see this, then nobody will make a movie with black people ever again!!” scare tactic. i mean, what are studios going to do, cancel all of the movies with 2 or more black people coming down the pike? nobody paid to see soul plane in the theaters and somehow precious got made. also, that studios said no to george lucas seemed to blow his mind the most. thirdly, jar jar binks.

but whatever - good on him for letting everyone know how hollywood gets down…

until i realized that lucas isn’t the director. this guy is. anthony hemingway. this is his first feature film. before this he directed episodes of CSI:NY and treme. (also the episode of community where shirley and chang hook up, which, come on now…)

why did i not find out that the director of red tails was a young black man making his directorial debut until the day the movie came out? why has it only been george lucas’ big shiny mug all over the place? if he cared so much about the future of black cinema, why didn’t he have hemingway do some of the press with him, introduce him to the world?

(other questions: how does someone who has only done relatively sedate television shows suddenly get a big budget action movie dripping in special effects? did lucas basically hire a figurehead? UH, YA THINK?)

and don’t get me started on aaron mcgruder working on the screenplay.

whatever. the beat is hot, though.


  1. hyenabutter said: re: hiring a figurehead—lucas did “uncredited reshoots” on this thing
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